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Eyes drops are a saline solutions that is used to put in the eyes with an aim of improving eye related diseases and eye irritations or defects.The treatment through eye drops depends on the condition from which the individual is suffering. It may contain steroids, antihistamines, beta receptor blockers, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and antifungal medicines.In some cases eye drops don’t contain any sort of medications in them but are only used for lubricating the eyes as tear replacing solutions. Careprost may also be used for certain purposes that are not listed in the medical guide. It has Bimatoprost as its active ingredient which increases the flow of fluids from out of the eyes resulting in decreasing levels of pressure.

The usage of careprost eye drop is primarily done in case of glaucoma. In general terms, glaucoma is a collective result of various eye diseases which in turn damages the optic nerve and a loss in vision. The most common type is open angle glaucoma which develops gradually, over time and no pain is experienced and if not treated it may result in complete blindness.

Common side effects include stinging sensation in the eye, hyperemia, increased iris pigmentation and eye itching.

Expert advice for careprost eyedrop:

·       Just after the intake of this eye drop may blur your vision for a short time period and be sure not to drive or use heavy machinery until your sight is completely clarified again.

·       If you are wearing contact lenses then it is advised not to use this eye drop. You can wear your lenses after 15 minutes of instilling the eye drop.

·       Regular usage of careprost may darken and grow the length of your eyebrows and may darken the skin around your eyelids.

·       Let your doctor know if you are planning on having a baby or if you are breastfeeding before the eye drops are prescribed to you.

Careprost eye drops side effects:

The side effects related to this eye drop may occur from the contents in it. The following side effects may occur to some while other may not experience any discomfort. Here is a list of side effects where you will needto consult your healthcare provider immediately:

-        Conjunctival hyperemia

-        Eyelash growth

-        Itchy or burning eyes

-        Visual disturbance

-        Darkening of the eyelash or iris

-        Infection (primary cold and upper respiratory tract related infections)

-        Sensitivity to light

What is careprost used for?

Also popularly known as latisse or lumigan in the US this medicine is an ophthalmicsolution which is used to lower the pressure that is built up in the eye (known as intraocular pressure). IOP is caused due to the buildup of fluid (aqueous humour) inside the eyes. These increased levels of IOP can damage the optic nerve fibre which leads out the back of the eye and to the brain and eventually causes loss of sight. The blindness starts with the peripheral vision and finally leads to total blindness in the affected eye. Careprost successfully drains out the aqueous humour from the eye decreasing the IOP and preventing blindness in the later stages of life. It is also used widely in the treatment process of hypotrichosis (abnormal eyelash growth).

It is highly advisable for the user never to skip a scheduled intake of the eye drops but double dosing is highly disregarded in this case.

Careprost precautions:

Before starting your usage of careprost eye drops be sure that your doctor is aware of your complete medical history and has knowledge of your allergic background. You also need to inform your doctor about your current list of medications, over the counter drugs, current health conditions and pre-existing diseases. Your healthcare provider should also know if you are pregnant or have an upcoming surgery. This is important, since some health conditions may make an individual prone to side effects of the drug. Take as directed by your doctorsince they decide on the dosage based on your condition. Given below are some important counseling points:

-        Do not touch the eye drop dropper on any surface

-        Pre-existing eye inflammation

-        Change in eye colour

-        The drops should not be used while wearing contact lenses. From here you can buy careprost online, Order Now!

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