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Bupropion medication is commonly marketed under the name of zyban. This drug is most widely used as an anti-depressant and as an aid in helping people quit smoking. It effectively reduces the cravings for a smoke and withdrawal symptoms. It is supposed to be one of the most frequently prescribed antidepressants in Canada and United states of America. In Several other countries zyban is an off-label use drug since it is also frequently used for purposes that are not listed in the medication guide.

Some important information for zyban user:

-        You should start zyban consumption if you have seizures, eating disorders, if you have just stopped alcohol consumption and are looking to go clean.

-        If you are already consuming Wellbutrin then it is not advised for you to take zyban if you are planning on quitting smoking.

-        Zyban may also cause seizures in some people and especially in individuals who have specific medical conditions who are required to take prescribed drugs. In this case be sure your primary healthcare provider is aware of your complete medical history and your medicine consumption details.

Medical uses of Zyban include:

·       Depression:

It is one of the most widely prescribed antidepressants which has proven to be effective in curing clinical depression. Although it has several features which sets it apart from other anti-depressants, like: it does not cause any sort of sexual dysfunction, neither does it cause any drastic weight gain or weight loss. Depressed people experience extreme sleepiness and a feeling of being tired all the time (fatigue), zyban actively works in increasing the serotonin levels in the body.

·       Smoking cessation:

Another common use of zyban is as an aid for decreasing your craving to smoke. It hugely reduces the nicotine cravings and along with it gets rid of the withdrawal symptoms. It is not used as an antidepressant. A general bupropion treatment course lasts till 12 weeks, with people developing an aversion towards tobacco within 10 days of consumption. It’s effects are compared to the nicotine replacement therapy.

·       Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD):

Bupropion has been known to treat ADHD successfully for a long time in both minors as well as adults. It is also recommended in the treatment course of tricyclic antidepressant after the trial of two different stimulus.

·       Obesity:

Bupropion has successfully treated the problem of obesityover a period of 6 to 12 months. It produces similar effects that is caused by other weight loss medications. Its effects have been studied with naltrexone in order to be sure. Concerns caused because of bupropion include: an increase in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate.

·       Other uses:

Other uses for bupropion have been researched for other than the ones mentioned above. It gives some amount of benefit to the user like, acts as a mood stabilizer and helps people suffering from bipolar disorder,if people add zyban to their antidepressant prescription. It has also proven to be beneficial to meth addicts.

Use in adults:

Starting off with an initial treatment of 150mg dosage which is to be taken six days a week and two times daily. There is supposed to be a gap of 8 hours between the successive doses. Dose must not be increased since it can trigger insomnia.

It is advised that if an individual is deciding on quitting smoking then they must start taking zyban beforehand since it takes one week to achieve a steady-state blood levels of bupropion. The patient should set an approximate quit date within the first 2 weeks of starting treatment with zyban.

In order to minimize the risk of seizure one must begin the usage with one 150mg tablet a day for the next three days and eventually increasing the dose to 300mg per day twice a day.

Side effects:

-        Epileptic seizures are one of the most adverse effects of zyban. Although these seizures are directly linked to the dosage.

-        People have also experienced hypertension as one of its side effects.

-        A severe psychiatric reaction to this medication can hamper the way think positively about life in users under the age of 25.

Bupropion is considered almost dangerous in overdose. Other serious side effects include hallucinations, loss of consciousness, stupor and even high fever. You can buy Zyban online from genpromeds.

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